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Decision support system: Solutions for capturing data from different sub-systems and data analysis that support business or organizational decision-making activities.
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Managed /BOT projects: Solutions for complete management of the services for a period of time; enables you to focus on your core operation and make success Customer Service: Solutions for improvement of customer services, increase customer satisfaction and measure the efficiency

Business Automation becomes BankFlex® Integration Partner

Dhaka 18th June 2014: Business Automation Ltd. a leading System Integration company of Bangladesh, becomes BankFlex® integration partner in the territory of Bangladesh. The partnership aims to deliver BankFlex®, a modern, highly secure, multi-channel banking solution to banks and financial institutions in the region.

BankFlex®is a well-proven and an innovative multi-channel banking suite that fulfills the need of new generation banking. BankFlex®, comprises of a robust framework called BankFlex® platform, and various banking channel solutions built over it, viz. Internet Banking for personal and corporate customers, Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, SMS Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM, Teller, Open Account and Correspondent Banking supported byBankFlex®MAC, which is a comprehensive and interactive back-end tool for bank staff to monitors, administer and configures BankFlex®channel solution during deployment and in-production.


Automation System for Department of Printing and Publications (DPP)

Business Automation Ltd. has successfully completed required software development installation and implementation the Automation System for the Department of Printing and Publications (DPP) and its offices under a contract agreement with International Finance Corporation (IFC). The Major features of the system includes as follows:

  • Online Government Gazette Publications and Archiving
  • Online Stationery Requisition Management System
  • Online Forms Requisition Management System
  • Online Letter Processing System
  • Online Inventory Management System for Stationery and Forms
  • Interactive Website using WCMS for Department of Printing and Publications (DPP)
  • Interactive Website using WCMS for Bangladesh Government Press (BG Press)
  • Interactive Website using WCMS for Government Printing Press (GP Press)
  • Interactive Website using WCMS for Bangladesh Security Printing Press (BSP Press)
  • Interactive Website using WCMS for Bangladesh Forms and Publication Office (BFPO)
  • Interactive Website using WCMS for Bangladesh Stationery Office (BSO)

Business Automation is providing software solution to Brunei Govt.

Business Automation Ltd. has been jointly awarded with work order for the Ministry of Development of the Government of Brunei for automatic analysis with the object of preparation and distribution of reports as per requirements and distribution on different aspects through “Business Intelligence” selecting data analysis solution and to supply Business Automation Ltd. has been awarded jointly with a Brunei based company through competitive tender.


Computerized Exam system under CAAB automation project

Business Automation Ltd. has been awarded for the Computerized Exam System under CAAB automation project. The project includes development of software, infrastructure for the exam lab and implementation with support services. The system has been aimed to convert the manual exam system for the aviation professionals (pilots, flight engineers, flight operation officers etc.) to computerized exam system. The exam lab already been equipped with necessary server, workstation, security devices etc.


Business Automation has become solution partner of QlikView

QlikViewBusiness Automation has become solution partner of QlikView, one of the leading business intelligence (BI) solutions for Bangladesh market. Business Automation has been working in Bangladesh for deploying different softwares for improvement of operation of the corporates. Introduction of QlikView will help the corporates in making better analysis in decision making. QlikView is a BI solution from QlikTech, which belief that business intelligence (BI) should be about business users. Traditional BI solutions have become bloated, complex software stacks, leaving users confused and frustrated. For 18 years, QlikTech has focused on simplifying decision making for business users across organizations. Gartner (through the survey 2012) has project QlikTech is as one of the leading BI tools.

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